Factors that affect rate of photosynthesis

15 Main Factors Affecting Photosynthesis

It shows minimum, optimum and maximum temperatures. Carbon Dioxide Concentration What are the factors affecting photosynthesis. The rate besides finishes off twice that of the 0. Clearly, the chlorophyll in the green leaves is surplus. Gaseous and metallic pollutants decrease photosynthetic activity.

In general, a plant will accomplish more photosynthesis when exposed to long periods of light. The rate of assimilation per unit area of leaf surface in the two varieties was the same even though the green-leaved variety contained ten times more chlorophyll than the yellow one.

As discussed earlier, several minerals are essential for plant growth. The action spectrum for photosynthesis in leaves shows two major peaks, one in the red and the other one in the blue Fig. The COo concentration at which the rate of C02 fixation by photosynthesis equals the rate ofC02release by respiration is known as CO, compensation point.

Photoinhibition is caused by the absorption of too much light which inactivates and dama reaction centre of PSII.

If the pH is too acidic or too basic, the rate at which photosynthesis occurs will decrease. Figure represents the whole concept graphically. The removal of water from the protoplasm also affects its colloidal state, impairs enzymatic efficiency, inhibits vital processes like respiration, photosynthesis etc.

What are the Factors that affect Photosynthesis

For example indoor plants will grow under artificial fluorescent light, but not very well wherefore the tube does not provide the correct visible light spectrum required for the long-term health of the plant. The rest of the tree, bark etc. Further any increase in light intensity will not result in an increase in the rate of photosynthesis.

Besides chlorophyll certain protoplasmic factors also influence the rate of photosynthesis. Sugar is also converted into starch and the accumulation of starch in chloroplasts reduces their effective surfaces and the process slows down. Plants need light in order for photosynthesis to take place.

Enzymes have an optimum temperature or a temperature at which they work best, so this will also affect the rate of photosynthesis. Factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis Factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis What factor most affects the rate of photosynthesis.

By following the line of best tantrum I can see that this consequence should be more like 3. This is usually the rate-limiting step in natural settings. However, at high concentrations the cells die. So, for example, each fall when the trees lose their leaves and the plants die the level of carbon in the atmosphere goes up.

If the concentration of CO2 is increased, the rate of photosynthesis will go up with the same light intensity. The blue-green algae have action spectrum peak in yellow or orange light. Light is usually the limiting factor from dusk until dawn.

Light supplies energy for the process. The environmental factors affecting the process of photosynthesis follow the law of limiting factor as hypothesized by the British plant physiologist F. F. Blackman in According to this hypothesis, when a process is influenced by a number of factors, the rate of the process is limited by the.

Factors Affecting Photosynthesis By understanding the factors that affect photosynthesis, one can better understand the rate of the process.

Factors Affecting The Rate Of Photosynthesis Biology Essay

Light: Without light, a plant cannot photosynthesize very quickly, regardless of whether there are water and CO 2 or not. The factors that effect the rate of photosynthesis are: the amount of sunlight, the amount of carbon dioxide, amount of water, intensity of.

Factors Affecting The Rate Of Photosynthesis Biology Essay. The intent of this experiment is to detect the factors impacting the Photosynthetic rate of foliages, which is measured in two ways - Factors Affecting The Rate Of Photosynthesis Biology Essay introduction.

First altering the light strength, this will find the rate of addition or lessening in photosynthesis. Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis. The term rate always involves time, so the rate of photosynthesis can be considered to be how fast photosynthesis takes place.

This can be measured by the amount of glucose produced by a plant over a given. The purpose of this experiment is to test whether factors such as light intensity and level of Carbon dioxide, will affect the rate of photosynthesis, which are the two most important variables in the photosynthesis process.

Factors that affect rate of photosynthesis
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What factors affect the rate of photosynthesis